TLCCV Members care for the outback when the going gets tough

Eric Bishop

Eric Bishop - TLCCV Community Response Co-ordinator

AlisonWilliams 2
Alison Williams - Activity Organiser




9:30am - Sat 9 Nov, 2019

TLCCV members and Clifton Springs Garden Club members have been growing plants for the families affected by fire in the Bunyip area.

Join us as we help families to select plants and rejuvenate their gardens.

Bring gardening gloves, trowel, fork or a watering can.

To register for this important task, click here

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TLCCV members assist with 2019 Bunyip Bushfire Relief


TLCCV members assist with 2018 Garvoc Bushfire Relief

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An important part of our club is giving back to our community.

TLCCV members meet to assist with local community assistance after the Bushfires.

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Many hours have been spent by members repairing fences that have been damaged during the Bushfire.



Cutting up & collecting wood assists the bushfire affected residents to replenish their wood supplies for necessary heating during the winter.

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Cutting up & removing the burnt wood is another important task.


The burnt forest is a reminder that community assistance is needed.

View a short 2 min video of TLCCV volunteers assisting with the 2018 Garvoc Bushfire