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Barry Vic GardnerViv & Baz Gardner 
(Trip Leaders)

Visiting Craigs Hut
(Day Trip)

Sun 27 May, 2018

Trip Rating - Easy

We will be traveling to Craig's Hut returning back at Yarck.

6 Vehicles 


Graeme VeronicaInnis
Graeme & Veronica Innis with Sara & Matt Liiley
(Trip Leaders)

Little Desert - McDonald Hwy
(Quuens Birthday Weekend Trip)

Sat 9 - Sun 10 June, 2018

Trip Rating - Easy to Medium

Starting at 2.30pm is the Saturday afternoon drive into the National Park which will include a night drive.

Sunday will be a full day travelling the McDonald Hwy and other tracks through the Western section of Little Desert. Carry sufficient water and food for a couple of days just in case.

16 Vehicles - 2 convoys 


JamesClark-smJames Clark 
(Trip Leader)

Mt Skene South Side Snow Trip
(Weekend Trip)  

28 - 29 July, 2018 (note - amended dates)

Trip Rating - Medium to Very Difficult - depending on snow

Starting in Licola this trip will tackle Mt Skene from the lesser used southern side of the mountain avoiding the crowds on the opposite side.

Come prepare to camp the night above the snow line as our final campsite will depend on snow conditions.

The trip will finish in Licola.

8 Vehicles


Sara MattLilley and Sherry Savesen SimonMusteySara & Matt Lilley, with
Sherry Salvesen & Simon Mustey 

(Trip Leaders)

Lock Your Hubs Mt Skene Snow Trip
(Weekend Trip)

11 - 12 August, 2018

Trip Rating - Medium

A large, exciting and family friendly weekend trip to Mt Skene to experience some of the best snow driving in Victoria.

We will be based at Jamieson, from where we will travel up to Mt Skene to drive in the snow, have some fun, and then return to the Jamieson Courthouse Hotel and socialise!

New members are encouraged to come along, and vehicles will be split into two groups with two trips run concurrently to ensure that the large numbers of vehicles run smotthly.


20 vehicles (2 groups of 10) - 5 positions for new members