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            Just wanted to report back after a quick trip up to Yarck with Garry Cooper
          and myself to do some emergency maintenance to replace the security camera
          batteries, which had reported flat.  This quick trip was approved by the Exec
          Committee and Eric provided an official signed club letter for us to carry just in
          case we were stopped by police.  Fortunately we didn't get pulled over or stopped
          for a check, but we did see police around the King Lake area.
            The property was looking in great shape, very green, lush and signs of plenty
          of rain.  There were no trees down along the access tracks, surprising given the
          big storm that went through Melbourne the day before.
            Here is a summary:-
            1. All 3 gates were locked and secure.
            2. Hilton – all secure, still clean & tidy inside, no signs of any vermin.
            3. Garden area – plants are doing well and flowering.
            4. The main concrete water tank is full and is still overflowing.
            5. Tractor Shed and Amenities building all secure.  Storage container all se-
          cure. Batteries/solar Hilton – charging at 14.1V
            6. The rain gauge was very full – 136mm.
            7. Burch Hut – all secure and looking very tranquil.  Batteries/solar charging
          at 14.3V
            8. Access tracks – Track condition generally good and no signs of major wash
          outs but signs of lots of rain and leaf litter built-up in drains and culverts.
            9. 2 out of 3 Security cameras were still running after 3 months, but battery
          capacity was down to only approx. 50%.  Changed batteries on 2 cameras (not
          enough spare batteries to do all 3 at a time).  
            10. 4G Security up & running again at the Ups&Down gate.
            11. I have reviewed all the security photos captured from the cameras over
          the past few months and the good news is ... no signs of any unauthorised
          vehicles/persons on site for this period.
            Michael Bourke (2713) 

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