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                                FINE ART PRINTING WORKSHOP

                                                ZOOM COURSE

                                       Wednesday 21st October, 7.30pm

                                            Presenter - George Mattar

            Travelled thousands of kilometres and have the same number of photos stored on your PC?
            Are you up for an ISO project challenge?

                                Let us help show you how to prepare for a fine art print.
            Have you tried printing some photos but they haven't turned out the way you hoped? Too
            dark? Washed out? Too bright? Wrong crop, some of the image cut off?
              This is where we can offer some guidance on what to look for and what you need to know
                                                   to print your images.
            Discuss what is involved in preparing a file for print.
            How to size a print for your wall - what paper to consider and different framing options and
            alternatives to consider for final presentation of your printed photo.

            • 15 places available.
                       Book this course through the Club Website - Activities - Education

            Liz Mills
            Education Co-Ordinator

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