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Joining the TLCCV


Before you join, Click to view mandatory equipment

required to participate in Driver Training Program




To join the TLCCV click here


TLCCV fees in the first year include:

Annual membership fee (pro-rated in first year) ($112)

plus a one off joining fee ($280)

plus an Annual FWDV fee ($60)
(Joining Fee & FWDV Fees are not prorated)


Total first year membership fee is shown below

  Month of joining            Family Membership

April              $452.00
May               $442.67
June              $433.33
July               $424.00
August          $414.67
September    $405.33

October         $396.00
November     $386.67
December     $377.33
January         $368.00
February       $358.67
March           $452.00

First year Membership concludes on 31st March.

(Join in March & receive one month free  - 13 months for the cost of 12 months)

Family membership includes yourself, your spouse/de facto or same sex partner

and your children up to age 18.

Chidlren aged 18 and under 25 who are at home with you and studying full time

can also be included in your family membership.

(Children under the age of 25 who are family members will be required to take out

their own separate membership if they wish to undertake the Driver Training program)


When you sign up, you will only be able to enter your own details.

Once your application has been approved & your membership fees paid,

you will be issued with a membership number.

You will then be able to add your spouse & children.

 Renewing family membership fee in 2nd & subsequent years
is currently $172 pa (includes FWDV annual fee)