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          SEPTEMBER 2020  VOLUME 50  NO 3
                                                     EXECUTIVE 2019 - 2020

          CONTENTS                                        President        Magazine Editor       FWDV Delegate
          Committee 2019-2020                 1           Eric Bishop      Sandra Tanner:
          Over the Next Hill                  5                     Webmaster
                                                                                                 Laurie Miles
          Annual General Meeting              7                            Advertising 
                                                          Vice President
          Club Calendar                       9           Ian Ross         Sandra Tanner         Excursion Visits Coordinator
          Yarck Update                        10                                       
          Social: Mediterranean Night Yarck 2016  13                       Activities Coordinator  Marketing/Public Relations
                                                          Past President  Coordinator
          Cobar Recce Trip                    17                                                 Brian Tanner
                                                          Michael Martin
                                                                           Driver Training
          Travelling Grampians MVOs 2014      18
                                             Simon Mustey:
          Mt Skene Snow Trip 2014             22                 
                                                                                                 Community  Response
                                                                           • Driver Training Course
          News from ARB                       25          Secretary                              Coordinator
                                                          Sandra Tanner    bookings              Eric Bishop
          News from Toyota                    26                           • Awareness Course
          Mt Robertson Trip                   27
                                                                           Yarck Management
          Member Service Directory            28          Assistant Secretary  Brian Stewart     Raffles & Supper
                                                                                                 Ian Ross
                                                                Club Shop
                                                                           Magazine Distribution
                                                                           Gordon Chessum
                                                          Bruce Porter     Trip Convenor         Social Coordinator
                                                                                                 Angela Di Lallo
                                                                           Viv Gardner
           General Meetings: 7:30pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at
           Mulgrave Country Club  Wellington Road (corner Jells Road),     • Register a Member’s trip  • Book for participation in
           Wheelers Hill. Melways Ref 80 H1               Assistant Treasurer  • Assistance in trip prepa-
           Geelong Meetings: 7.30pm the 1st Tuesday of each month & 2nd  Matt Lilley  ration     social events
           Tuesday each November at the Supper Room, Geelong West Town                           Visitor Greeters
           Hall, 153 Pakington St. 3218. (Mel. 451 J2)                     Technical
                                                                Andy McGregor
                                                                           Bret Dyson
           ENQUIRIES: Membership & General to:
                  The Secretary                           Committee  Cruiserkhana
                  Toyota Land Cruiser Club                Rob Leversha                           Forge Villella
                  PO Box 363, HAWTHORN  3122                               Education   
                                                                           Liz Mills

           MEMBERSHIP DETAILS: Joining Fee:  $280.00                       •Club educational courses
                         Membership: $158.00              Committee        co-ordinator
           REINSTATEMENT OF PAST MEMBERS                  Peter Burchall                         GEELONG BRANCH
           If a member rejoins the Club within 5 years, a joining fee is not   Special Events    President
           applicable. If a member rejoins the Club after 5 years, they are  Sandra Tanner         Greg Fleet
           required to pay the joining fee and undertake the Club’s Driver
           Awareness course.
           YARCK PROPERTY                                                  • Shows & special event
           Our property is a registered Land for Wildlife property and no  co-ordinator
           inference is drawn in the publication that the sign or registration has     
           any other meaning.                                              Membership
                                                                           Barbara Bryant
           Life Members: Graeme Wilson, John Whitney (Dec), Don Honey,  Bill
           Dower (Dec), Alan Winch, Barrie McCarthy, Harold Ross, Sandra  Treasurer
           Tanner, Brian Stewart, Charles Norman,  Ashley (Dec) & Judith
                                                                                                 Matt Lilley
           Williams, John  Turbill, Garry Cooper, Jan Chivers & Ken Hildebrand   * Membership renewals,
           Honorary Members: Ross McClure, Clive Blakely                   name badges, contact detail  Committee
           Club Auditor: Chris Rumble
                                                                           changes               Ted Gray
           The opinions expressed in the articles appearing in this magazine are not necessarily
           those of  the Editor or the Toyota Land Cruiser Club of Australia (Victoria) Inc.   Librarian
           The Editor reserves the right to delete where necessary any section of any article,  Wendy Wilson
           which has been sent for publication in the magazine. Acceptance of advertisements
           does not necessarily imply endorsement of products or associated companies or  in-
           dividuals by the Toyota Land Cruiser Club of Australia (Victoria) Inc.  • Borrow DVDs & books

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