TLCCV's premier 4WD event at Yarck

TLCCV - Terms & Conditions

I/We wish to apply to join the Toyota Land Crusier Club of Australia (Victoria) Inc.

If accepted, I/We agree to abide by the Rules and By-laws of the Club, and shall pay the annual subscription.

IN CONSIDERATION of the TOYOTA LAND CRUSIER CLUB OF AUSTRALIA (VICTORIA) INC. (“The Club”) accepting my/our application for membership of the Club.

I/WE DO HEREBY indemnify and keep indemnified, members servants and/or Agents from or against any damages or loss which may befall on or occur to me, my spouse or partner, my children, my guests my visitors or their property as a consequence of or arising directly or indirectly out of the Club’s activities or functions.

I/WE further authorise any officers, members, or servants of the Club in the event of any injury of illness befalling me, my family, my guests or visitors whilst I/We are participating in any way in any Club activity or function to obtain medical assistance or treatment they may deem necessary or expedient and for this purpose to engage any doctors, para medics, nursing assistance, hospital accommodation or transport of any kind and I/We do hereby indemnify the Club from or against any medical or other expenses or so incurred and will pay such expenses to the Club on demand.

I/WE acknowledge that whilst the Club may hold certain insurance covers from time to time it has no obligation to me, my guests, or visitors to insure against all or any loss or damage I/We or they may suffer.