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1   What is CruiserKhana?

CruiserKhana is a 4WD competition focused on testing the driver’s skill and knowledge of their vehicle’s capabilities by simulating various offroad scenarios and conditions.

The competition is designed for standard 4WD vehicles or those set up for touring.

As a result, highly modified vehicles are not required.


2   Who runs CruiserKhana?

CruiserKhana is run by the Toyota Land Cruiser Club of Australia (Victoria) Inc. otherwise known as the TLCCV.


3   Where is CruiserKhana located?

The CruiserKhana event is held at the TLCCV property near Yarck, in north east Victoria,
less than a two hour drive from the outskirts of Melbourne.

Signs to the event are displayed from the Yarck Hotel on the Maroondah Highway from midday
on Friday, October19th 2018.

Yarck can be accessed from the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne
via the Hume Highway, turning off at Seymour or Tallarook.

Access from Melbourne’s southern and eastern suburbs is through Lilydale by
either the Melba Highway through Yarra Glen and Yea, or the Maroondah Highway
through Healesville and Alexandra.


4   What are the costs?

*  One Competitor and Navigator $195

*  Two Competitors sharing the same vehicle $265 ($132.50each)

*  Non Competitor $50 each

*  Children under 12 - $35

*  Children under 5 – free

The cost includes camping and three course presentation dinner on Saturday night.

Competitors, Navigators and passengers who are not a member of club affiliated with 4WD Victoria (4WDV) will also be required to pay $15 per family for indemnity insurance.

Members of an affiliated 4WDV club will already be indemnified. 4WD Club name and membership number must be entered on the entry form.


5   Can I just come for the day?

Day visitors are very welcome, just pay $15 ($10 for children 5-16) at the gate.


6   How do I enter?

Online registration including payment is available by clicking
on the Online Registration link on the CruiserKhana website
www.cruiserkhana.com.au as soon as entries open.

Follow the instructions on the entry form and make an online payment.

The closing date for entries is 12th October 2018 (one week prior).

Please note there is a limited number of competitors
and once the maximum is reached, registrations will be closed.


7   Is camping available?

Campsites and access to thmodertoilet and shower facilities are available
and included as part of the entry fees for competitors and spectators.

Some campsites may be some distance from the facilitiebut will have access
to portable toilets in the immediate vicinity.

Where possible the organising committee will ensure competitors and teams
are able to camp together.

One entry free allows entrants one campsite, and one vehicle parking bay.

Any other vehicles will be parked at the discretion of the organisers.

Camping requirements with dimensions of caravans, campertrailers
and tents is required at the time of entry to allow allocation of campsite
that fulfils your requirements and allows the organisers to allocate Campsites
prior to the event.

If Navigators need an individual campsite please let the organisers know
and we will try to accommodate in the same area (while not guaranteed,
this can generally be accommodated if advised in advance).


8   What other accomodation is available?

There are a number of other accommodation options in the Yarck area:

*  The Yarck Hotel has rooms available. Ph:03 5773 4226

*  There are a number local Bed and Breakfasts available in the area.

*  Hotel and Motel accommodation is also available in the near by towns
   of Yea and Alexandra.

Standard entry charges will still apply for competitors and weekend spectators and will include the presentation dinner on Saturday evening.


9   Is food available?

Catering is available for breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

A kiosk will be operating adjacent to the competition area,
suppling breakfast and lunch at very reasonable prices,
including hot food, cakes, hot and cold drinks.

Open for breakfast from 8:30am on the Saturday and 9:00am on the Sunday
until the close of events each day.

The local CFA will be operating sausage sizzle on Friday evening
from 6pm until 8:30pm.

All entrants and spectators staying for the Saturday evening meal
will need to supply their own cutlery, plate, cup and soup bowl
as well as liquid refreshments.


 Para 09dPara 09c


10   What time do the gates open for entrants and spectators?

The gates will open at 12 noon on the Friday to allow for early arrivals.

Please be prepared for some delays later in the afternoon and early evening
due to the numbers of arrivals expected during this time.

Gates close at midnight on the Friday and re-open at 6:00am on the Saturday.

Competitorarrivinearly Saturday morning need to be at the property before 7:00am
to allow time for scrutineering and to attend the drivers briefing prior to competition commencement.


11   Is the event family friendly?

Definitely family friendly not just for the blokes and their mates.

There is Competition award for the best female driver and even an event for the kids
(aged between 6 and 12 yrs).

Younger folk can also assist in some of the events as navigators.

 Para 11


12   What is involved in the events?

There will be a number of events designed to test the driver’s skill in stock standard
four-wheel drives or vehicles with slight modifications for touring.

All events attract substantial prizes.

An event may test your skill in handlingmuddy track, or how well you negotiate sandy section.

The events change each year so the specific skills tested will change.

This competition is for stock standard vehicles and highly modified vehicles will have no advantage.

Saturday events will be run on a roster system commencing at 9am
and finish late afternoon with break for lunch.

compulsory Driver Briefinwill bheld a8aeacmorning.

Only the Saturday events count towards the Class (Standard and Touring), Team and the Interclub trophies.

There are also some optional events Sunday morning that do not count towards
overall scores although sponsor prizes are awarded.

The Friday Night Drive” event WILL be held in 2018.

Competitors are not required to compete in every event, however it will affect scoring for
the Class events and impact on a team’s overall scores and the Interclub Trophy.

Free tag-along tours of the TLCCV property are available
at the completion of competition on the Sunday.

13   What sort of prizes are on offer?

ARB, PIRANHA and TERRAINTAMER are major partners
accompanied by some of Australia’s most recognised 4WD companies
and number of smaller family companies represented as sponsors.

In 2018 the prize pool is expecteto excee$10,000.

Para 13


14   Do I need a Navigator?

Yes, all events in 2018 require navigator.

Two competitors are permitted to share the same vehicle and act as Navigator for each other.


15   How do I enter a Team?

Teams of up to tree entrants (maximum) can be specified on the Application Form
but can be changed up to two weeks before the event.

Clubs can also enter more than one team.


16   Where do I find the Class Rules and Definitions?

CruiserKhana Rules will be posted on the CruiserKhana website when entries open.

CruiserKhana is run under the TLCCV CruiserKhana Competition rules.

Vehicles can only enter one Class.

All competitors should read all rules accompanying the application form.

Any vehicles not complying with these rules will not be allowed to compete.

No correspondence will be entered into with respect to competition decisions and all decisions
reside with the organising committee and scrutineers under the direction of the Chief Marshal.

Additional information:

One of the most common questions relates to dual after-market petrol/gas vehicles.
As this modification will have no effect on performance of the vehicle
this modification does not exclude participation.

Tyres MUST fit through the gaugeas described in the Standard and Touring class rules,
to be admissible for competition.

Do NOT RELY on the tyre as marked as there may be significant variation in size between some tyre brands.

You are required to have current license, be free of the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

Drivers and navigators can expect to be breathtested before or during competition.

The use of on-board cameras to monitor performance or devices
which are deemed scrutineers to offer assistance to competitors in events” is forbidden.

Cameras that do not have a direct feed to occupants and that are strictly used to film the event are permitted.


17   Are Learner Drivers permitted to enter?

Only probationary or fully licensed drivers are permitted to drive in competition events.

A Navigator does not require a driver’s license.


18   Do I need a be a Member of a 4WD Club to enter?

It is possible to enter as an independent team or solo independent competitor.

You do not need to be a member of a 4WD Club. Competitors (and on-board spectators)
not affiliated with 4WD Victoria through 4WD Club will be required to pay an additional $15 per family for indemnity insurance provided by 4WDV.


19   What sort of Equipment do Competitors need to bring?

Competitors should have standard recovery equipment such as snatch straps, rated bow shackles and rated recovery points must be installed. radiator blind for water based events is recommended.

Winches are not required for competition events, however we are holding a demo event
on Sunday that requires winch.

Whilst UHF radios are not mandated, radio communication capability
will be useful during competition and in the event of an emergency situation
affecting the competition.


Para 19


20   Do I need a 4WD to access the Event as a Spectator?

Two-wheel drive access is available with parking short distance from the competition area.

The road is sealed most of the way from Yarck with the last two kilometres being a well formed gravel road.


21 Behaviour

Entrants will be breath tested on a police type breathalyser. If reading of .05 or more
is recorded they will not be able to compete until given clearance by the organisers.

Illicit drugs will not be tolerated at the event at any time. Random tests will be held at the discretion of the organizers during the competition.

Drivers failing random test will not be able to compete until given clearance
by the organisers.

Competing drivers should not consume alcohol prior to the conclusion of the day’s events.

This is in the interests of safety for all persons involved or viewing the event.

For the benefit of all patrons, loud music and parties should cease by10:00pm.

Any undesirable behaviour may result in removal from the property.

Please bear in mind this is a family friendly event.


22   Am I allowed to bring pets on to the property?

The TLCCV Yarck property is designated Land for Wildlife
and in consideration of the numbers of cars and the high level ofactivity on the property
over the CruiserKhana, the club has decided that pets are NOT allowed.


23   Open fires on the property

Open fires are permitted in designated fireplaces only.

Notification of Firebans will be advised by the organising committee
following consultation with the CFA.


24   Refund Policy

No refund of entrance fees if:

*  Cancellation is notified within 10 days of the event

*  A vehicle does not comply with the Rules of the event

If the event is cancelled due to total fire ban, TLCCV will refund all fees.


25   Vehicle movements approaching and within the property

All vehicles travelling along Rennies Lane, being a single lane dirt road,
leading up to the property from Yarck Road, MUST NOT exceed 40kms per hour.

Speed limits within the property are 20kms per hour with 10km per hour limits being operative within the competition area and on 4WD access tracks.

Any passengers travelling in vehicles around the property
must be correctly contained within the vehicle.
Any vehicles such as utilities, etc. carrying passengers in the rear of the vehicle
will be disqualified immediately from the event.

If the vehicle concerned is a spectator visiting the event the driver and passengers will be asked once to comply with proper road rules.

If they fail to agree with the request, they will be escorted from the property
and will not be permitted to return.


26   Is there anything else I need to know?

While rubbish bins will be available in the competition area,
we ask that you please leave your campsite as you found it and take all your rubbish home with you.

Cans can be recycled on the property by using the can crusher located on the veranda of the Hilton.

If you have further questions, the organisers are only too eager to help.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or via the website www.cruiserkhana.com.au


Para 26