John Whitney Photographic Competition Winners

2018-Portland Dunes-(Photo by Alison Duff 2017-Camels on the Canning-(Photo by Gail McMeekin) 2016-Under the Milky way at Eringa-(Photo by Ingrid Makowski) 2015-BigRed-(Photo by James Clark)
2014-Crossing the Rubicon trip-(Photo by john Nazloomian)  Crossing the Rubicon Trip 2013-Big Red-4 Corners Trip-(Photo by Stephen Hoare) 2011-Mills Convoy View Kata Juta 2010-Convoy at Western Lost City-(Photo by Liz Mills)
2009-Blue Rag to the Top-(Photo by Michael Coldham) 2008-Kalatha Creek-Aeroplane Track-(Photo by Lachlan Ranken) 2007-Pentecost River - Cockburn Range-(Photo by Scott Hamilton) 2006-Jacksons Crossing-Snowy River-(Photo by Graeme Robertson)
2005-On Top of Big Red-(Photo by Bernie Lincoln) 2004-Trucks in Afternoon Sun-Flinders Range-(Photo by Scott Hamilton) 2003-Rain Approaching-Convoy at Totem2 Atomic Site-(Photo by Scott Hamilton) 2002-Big Foot in Action-(Photo by Dave Stewart)
2001-High Country Campfire-(Photo by Dave Stewart) 2000-Cruiserkhana Bog Hole-(Photo by Ann-Marie Swinden) 1999-Outback Track-(Photo by John Turbill)